Books by Doralynn Kennedy "Sleeping with Skeletons"
      and "SPIDERS". Both available in print or e-book.
Sheriff Luke Hayden knows Talipatche isn't your
typical county--the rye crops are poisonous, spiders
fly, and folks say a dead woman walks the cornfields
at night. Luke wants to protect his citizens; he's just
running out of citizens to protect.

Megan Moreno needs a break from seven years of
bad luck with the LAPD. A small sheriff's department
in Colorado sounds like the perfect place to recover,
but all too soon, she discovers that bad things don't
just happen in LA. They happen everywhere.

Someone is plotting to kill the most hated woman in
town. As suspicious incidents pile up, a storm that
just won't leave blows into town, forcing Luke and
Megan to shove aside the unexpected attraction
between them and focus on saving Talipatche--in
more ways than one.

If they fail, the aftermath truly could be haunting.
For everyone.
is for Richard Armitage to
Grimes in Sleeping with
is for Jessica Biel to star as
the complex Margaret
Garrison in Sleeping with
is for Mark Wahlberg to star
as the enigmatic Danny in
Sleeping with Skeletons.
is for Columbia Pictures to produce
the critically acclaimed Sleeping
With Skeletons by Doralynn
is for Paramount to produce the
critically acclaimed Sleeping With
Skeletons by Doralynn Kennedy.
Excerpt from SPIDERS
Thunder cracked like a gunshot and he rose to his

He saw it once more as he reached the end of the
house. It moved across the open yard and
disappeared into the corn, swallowed up in the
tasseling stalks. His heart hammered against his
chest as he took a tentative step off the porch and
approached the field.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?" he shouted. His
voice mingled with the storm and washed away.

No one answered.

Apart from the frequent flashes of lightning that
streaked the sky, the property lay in darkness. He
staggered across the strip of dead grass and
reached the row of corn. The alley stretched out
before him, longer than he remembered.

A motionless shape waited for him at the other end.
SPIDERS will be an Amazon exclusive starting October
28th, 2013 through February 13, 2014. It will also be in
print during this time. Its world wide release as an
e-book is Feb 14th, 2014. It will go live at
The Wild
Rose Press, Barnes and Noble, itunes
, and many other
sites at that time

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